Sunday, 15 October 2017

10 Things University Aspirants Should Do To Gain Admission In 2017

gain admission in 2017

The gap between your college days and your days in the university can easily and swiftly be bridged if you know the right things to do and ultimately do them. What it takes to bridge this gap may not even be as hard as you may think it to be. It takes hardwork, yes, it takes time? yes, but that which is worth achieving is worth waiting and working for. A lot of things come into play when you think of what you should do in gaining admission into the university, colleges of education or the polytechnics in 2017 but for the sake of your time, we are going to reduce these into the 10 concise things you should do to gain admission in 2017 with detailed tips.
  1. Work Hard

    Having high aspirations in life is good but the truth is, for you to achieve something tangible in life, you really have to work for it. Admission may not come to your home and meet you but you have the choice of going out to seek and meet it. Your hope of gaining admission in 2017 cannot be dashed if you work hard for it.
  2. Have Courage

    A popular and a common saying has it that, "if Mohammed cannot go to the mountain, let the mountain come to Mohammed." So, what exactly stops Mohammed from going to the mountain if the mountain has what he seeks? You're right (if you guessed what I have in mind to write). Lack of courage in life can deny one of one's ability to achieve one's dreams and aspirations. If you are not courageous enough, you may as well sit at hoping wondering and keep hoping to gain admission without you putting fear and all forms of discouragements aside and go out to work for it. Be courageous and you will achieve more.
  3. Study hard

    Primarily, this is what you should do. There is no gainsaying that almost every stage in the field of academics comes with the need to pass one test or the other in order to ascertain a candidate's qualifications. Aside this, you may also need the working knowledge of what you have learnt in order to practice them fully. Study hard. It may seem hard but it can work best for you when you put down plans to simplify it. Do not deliberately let anything stand in the way of your studies. Always do away with excuses and ready to take the bull by the horn by going the extra mile of implementing every technology based best practises at your disposal to achieve academic success and stand the best chance of gaining admission in 2017.
  4. Plan

    The more plan you lay down, the simpler your study techniques and routines become. There are so many activities that may come your way per day but if you are able to plan early or at due times, you will be able to overcome a lot and come out victoriously at the end. Do not go about doing your things just anyhow, when you gain admission, there would more need for planning so do not say it is a short time thing and therefore abandon it. Plan more, implement more and you would achieve more. Your basic plan should be on how to do away with things that interfere with your study time.
  5. Attend tutorials

    While you can study and still be able to achieve success alone, it is good that you team up with your likes and have more minds help enrich your memory with vital things you should be conversant with. One of the ways to achieve this is to get someone to tutor you on specific areas of studies either online or offline or consider joining a tutorial class around you. Doing so would immensely contribute to your knowledge base and help you get answers to pressing questions easily.
  6. Team up with the likes of you

    This is another alternative to the one above. You can consider being in the midst of people who have the same ambition as you. This would further encourage you to study more, learn what you haven't known and discover lots more of things you might have missed or skipped during studies. Team up online, join discussion groups around you and make use of the teamwork while achieving your best.
  7. Keep hopes alive

    Paint the of where you want to be in the next few months or weeks. It may not get that far after all. Always keep hopes alive believing you have what it takes to achieve what have been set before you. No trick works more than this. Believe in yourself, believe in what you can do, believe in your purposes and watch them come through. Do not get tired of working towards them. Work with a renewed zeal everyday hoping to get closer and closest to your aims.
  8. Consider Walking alone

    It is not everyone that may believe in what you are capable of achieving but if you can conceive it, what others believe or do not believe does not count much in helping you achieve your potentials. If it is what it takes (to walk alone), consider doing so. Do not worry so much, those who do not believe in you now might not have no choice in doing so when the results are out.
  9. Prepare your files

    OK. So, you are hoping to gain admission in 2017 right? It is good that you document your previous (and qualifying) academic materials and have them ready for the match ahead. The need for this is in not having a lot to run about for when you have gained admission. Get all your files ready and arrange them.
  10. Have money

    Yes, you need to have money ( though not to be thrown around). To make things easier, you have to have money. This will help you in getting to any place you want to get to easily and saves time. Be it your tutorial centre, the bank or surfing the Internet for news and valuable information. Save more money, have more money and let things go easily for you. Remember, even the cyber cafe operator will charge you for printing of pages.
  11. Bonus:

  12. Always Go for the best

    We have this to tell you, it is our hope that you get far in life and in your academics, so, we implore you to Always Go For The Best! as that is what we have in mind for or readers.
    Always come for the best tips and information you can get online to enhance your productivity and to always know what steps to take in line with achieving your academic pursuits and excel.
Finally, excellence in life and academics is what almost every student seeks. With the detailed tips above, we hope you have gotten a glimpse of what you should starting doing in order to gain that admission in 2017.
Your turn.
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Saturday, 14 October 2017

5 Round Up Tips For Achieving Success In School.

5 round up tips for success in school

To achieve success in school is part of every good student's dream and agenda. It is good that while you are, at the stage in our life, called a student make every moment count and be worth your efforts. It is good you desire to be successful in your academics because those who become successful in school will have no need for regrets after their stay in school, for by being successful in school, you can be assured of an easy going life afterward.
Do not settle for anything less than success for it is a fuel of motivation that propels one into a brighter future. While you are in school, take every opportunity to be successful!
Here are some round up tips to aid you in doing so.

  1. Always Plan Your Day

    This one thing every successful student must do. Each day come loaded with a lot of activities for the period it lasts. Do not let them overwhelm you or take you unawares. Plan your day so that you know what to do at the beginning, middle and end of all the activities. It does not take much to put down your plans after all - just time. Know what you have in mind to achieve and set your personal goals towards achieving them. With a good plan for each day, you can.
  2. Start Off A Conversation.

    It pays a lot to do that because it is a common knowledge that no one person knows it all that is required to be known and also that some people are more equipped to provide valid answers to some of the questions you may have. One of such people is your academic adviser or a mentor. Your course mates could also be invaluable assets in providing this service. Do not think it too bad to start a conversation even with your teachers and lecturers so long as the answers you seek can be of immense help to you and consequently would help you achieve academic excellence. Start conversations with the right people today!
  3. Start off On A Solid foundation

    Perhaps, you will feel the urge to revise what you have gone through before, either in your elementary classes, college or the secondary school. Do not hesitate to do so when the urge sets in, in fact, if it does not set in, create an enabling environment for that for it is necessary for you to achieve success in school. Start off on a solid foundation, do not hold onto giving excuses, they don't guarantee you success but the efforts you make genuinely.
  4. Get your materials ready! is not what you are going to school to study, is it? of course no, ( but it is undeniably an enabling factor for your academic success, always Go For The Best! ) So, always have all necessary materials for your course or subjects ready. Do no hesitate to grab those Textbooks, e-book, video tutorials or audios so long as they are attached to your course of study in the university, college or even polytechnic. You can't study your fingers in order to succeed. Get and study the necessary materials at the due time. That is by the way.
  5. Start On Time!

    You haven't given that a thought yet? Well, you can still start now and still succeed. Always start on time so that you don't have much things clinging onto when you settle down to study. No time is late either but now is the best time to start.
Your Turn.
Finally, almost every student has a phobia for failure. If I am right, you couldn't be much or less so. Get into the discussion, what do you think would make a student succeed more in school. Remember to use the comment box below.
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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Top 12 Attitudes You Should Consider Quitting As A Freshman

A fresher or a freshman is someone who has newly gained admission to study in a university, college of education or a polytechnic. As that of their training, freshmen are required to get themselves acquainted with their new environment in order to boost their rates of success in the universities, colleges of education or the polytechnics.
Having prior knowledge of how one's environment works can give one an edge over such undesired attributes of human beings as procrastination, unwholesome fear and other things. This would one to aware of one's environment and know what to expect, do or overcome easily in order to succeed in one's academics.
To aid the freshman succeed in his new place of studies, here are some tips on what to avoid or consider quitting as his attitudes in order to succeed in school.

  1. Being In Unwholesome Relationships

    The universities are learning places as well as good acquaintanceship points. As a fresher, you will meet a lot of people who you will be emotionally drawn to or even those who are drawn towards you and you will have the chances of committing yourself into various relationships but in all it is neither the commitment nor the lack of it that matters but what comes out of the relationship. Here is a list of things to guide you in differentiating one from the other.
      When a relationship is said to wholesome is when:
    • It helps you achieve your aims.
    • It helps you express your feelings freely.
    • It gives you the chances of being aided
    • It does not take away your time for unwholesome reasons
    • And, when a relationship is said to be unwholesome is when:
    • It saps your energy
    • You do not achieve anything.
    • You can't freely express yourself.
    • You stand no chance of getting help academically
    When you see these signs, you should consider taking a leave from such relationships and if you have already picked those as an attitude, you should consider quitting it when it is not yet too late.

  2. Being worried

    This an attitude not any student should want to keep. Admitted that the university or college comes with a lot of works that need to be done, worrying over them all the time does not do any magic of solving them. To solving little problems in school rather than worrying over them can help boost your productivity and ease of achievements rather than keep you dull and adding to your sources of stress all the time. To achieve this easy fit of solving problems, you should consider the following:
    • Discussing the possible solutions with someone; this would help boost your confidence in the plans you have come up with.

    • Getting advice;
      at times what is troubling you could be what someone else has gone through before. Consider getting advice from people you can rely on. It is always good to refer to your academic counsellor(s) where applicable.

    • Try out things; Sometimes, the solution to a given problem may just lie in trying things out. Got a hint? try it out.

  3. Keeping To Yourself When You Do not Understand

    Granted, there may be times you would feel like keeping things to yourself or being as calm as you want but such times do not necessary apply when you need to understand what you don't get. Nobody grabs it all once it is said, at times you may need to hear it again and again in order to completely comprehend it. Do not keep things you do not understand to yourself. Share with someone when necessary.

  4. Not Being Mindful Of Time.

    It takes our planet, earth about 365 1/4 days to make a full revolution around the sun. Everything happens with time so you have to be mindful of it. It can take minutes or seconds to walk from one lecture hall to the other, it can take minutes or few hours to comprehend a page of text, etc. In all, it is good you take recognition of this and let perfect time management work for you.

  5. Spending recklessly.

    Trust us, you will need the money. No matter how small the amount of money you have, it is not worth throwing away for no tangible reason. always remember, if you have enough today, there is no perfect guarantee that you would have such tomorrow. Be mindful of how you spend your money and always spend mostly on things that you will benefit from.

  6. Aiming Below Average.

    If you have picked this as an attitude too, it is good you consider dropping it now. Aiming to make at least average performances in your tests, quizzes or examination is not ideal for you if you want to succeed. There are other good and better points to aim at other that the averages talk more of aiming below them. Go for the Best! It is better you aim for distinctions instead.

  7. Being OK with Where you Are.

    Truth be divulged, it is never Okay. At every point in time, it is good to look beyond you and see higher stands you can achieve. Granted that you may be doing well in terms of academics now, if you pick it up as an attitude to be Okay with it, you may find it difficult making the needed giant strides for attaining a better tomorrow. Consider these;
    a. If you are making averages already in your tests or examination grades, consider aiming above them.
    b. If you are good at a course, consider working hard to get better at it.
    c. If at all you are not good at a course, work harder to get good at it. Then, you get better at it too.

  8. Keeping Scattered Notes.

    This is school! Your major business ought to be to get better at thing you need to learn. Keeping untidy notes do not help to achieve that. Always keep clean notes, you will need them. Keeping clean notes help draw you closer to your notes and consequently, studying them freely and always.

  9. Holding onto past failures.

    It is better you do not start your university years on a regretful mood. You may have had pasts you may not be proud of as a student. Do not worry, you have the opportunity of starting on a clean slate now. Channel your energy towards learning and achieving more, in that way, you will liberated from regretting your past failures in terms of academic performances.

  10. Leaving Too many Rooms for Excuses.

    At times you may feel it is better to just get away with things with just flimsy excuses, for the time being, you might get away with it. But if you want to achieve something meaningful, you consider dropping such attitude as leaving too many room for excuses. Keep excuses to the barest minimum and see your productivity enhanced. You still do not get it? Endeavour to do your assignments, if there is power outage, option for a candle stick! Just make sure you do them.

  11. Sacrificing it all over nothing.

  12. Waiting On Others.

    This is where we round them all up. The universities are learning places as well as good acquaintanceship points. As a fresher, you will come across people who would like to stick with you and those you will like to stick with but in all, do not let it be a source of weak points to you. When others are not moving at the pace you deem right, consider moving on your own. It is better to be at the top with the few or none who are willing to move at a good pace than to remain stagnant with all.
The list can go on and on but, to allow you view other topics on the board, we will take a break here for the day. Always remember that you can do better than you are doing now and that your friends will like to read this, you can tick the social media bottoms below to share with them.
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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Top 7 Qualities Students Who Complain Of Low GPAs Have In Common

Grade Points Average, popular called GPAs are an integral factors that determine a student's Cumulative Grade Point Average which is the overall grade a student graduates with and consequently determines the student's ranking in terms of academic performance. The C.G.P.As are calculated at the end of a student's stay in school, usually the university, polytechnic or the college of education, whereas G.P.As are calculated at then end of each academic session. It is good to note that almost every student take his or her Grade Points Average (ie, GPA) more serious than anything else one could think of because GPAs are seen as thes huge factor that determine every student's academic standing. Joking with a thing of such importance may amount to such a student risking his or her precious time, resources and thereafter amounting to such student losing every opportunity to graduate with a good and excellent grade from the university, polytechnic or colleges of education to mention such a few.

Nowadays, it is easy to have students coming out to complain of low and unexpected GPAs in their academic pursuits. This article hopes to look at the qualities such students who complain of low and unexpected Grade Points Average in their academic pursuits and tends to provide panacea to any of the anomalies that may be detected.

To curb this and to present the student with a new hope and clean sheet for reviving a low GPA and maintaining it, here are the Top 3 qualities students who complain of low GPA have in common that you should avoid.
  1. Egotistical.

    Let's face it. No one person knows it all in the study environments. Even tutors (ie, lecturers and teachers) encourage their students to form study groups among themselves so as to propagate the right attributes that would aid them grow in their quest and discover more than they have been taught in the classroom. Students who complain of low GPAs find it difficult to bring down their ego, accept that they know not all that there are to be known and mix up with their fellow students to learn more and grow their GPA.
  2. Lack Of Zeal To Study.

    The truth is, most students who come out to complain of low GPA find it difficult or rather impossible to develop the needed zeal to follow and achieve the desired success in their courses of study. One of the many reasons which could better be regarded as 'excuses' for this is that they don't like courses given to them. Many others reasons could be responsible for this but if you have such low zeal for your course of study as to make you gather low GPA in it, what other qualities do you have in you that can ensure you success in the chosen course of study you're referring to? By the time you give an answer to this, you will have more reason to settle down and do well in your given course of study. Grow the zeal to study.
  3. Reckless spending.

    Let me me announce that no form of spending is regarded as being reckless until you're unable to achieve something meaningful with it. In the places of learning, you will have so many avenues to spend your money, some necessary, some others unnecessary. The necessary ones are those that aid you achieve your aim in school while the unnecessary ones are those that do not help you in any way to achieve this. Below are some of the necessary ways to spend money in school;
    • buying text books
    • buying e-book online
    • buying Data in order to have the Internet to download resources information for your assignments.
    • buying writing materials
    • etc.
    Here is a list of some of the things you can spend your money on that does not add positively to your academic pursuit;
    • buying more cloths than you can wear at a time.
    • buying Data to surf the Internet without doing your assignments.
    • etc.
    So, always spend money on the necessary things and watch your GPA improve.

  4. Unwillingness to change methods

    While there are numerous methods to study and move onto higher grounds on one's academic pursuits, there is the need to understand this simple fact that not all methods may work for one student as they work for others. Most students who later find themselves complaining of low grade points average are often unaware of this as they hold on to methods that do not suit or work for them simply because they learnt that it worked for others. Let me sound it clear to you now, that it worked well for Mr. B does not guarantee that it will work well for Mrs. B. The secret of growing your GPA is in finding out what study method works well for you as a person and taking advantage of it. Do not fall into the habit of sticking to a method that doesn't work for you.

  5. Laziness

    Did I mention that this is one of the very bad qualities anybody can have talk more of a student? Of course, it is. Think about this, someone works hard to ensure that your school fees and other necessary things are well catered for and all you do is relax, thinking that the reading problem can solve itself without you standing on your feet and saying it is high time you end it? Remember that to pay your tuition fees, someone has to work for it, the same applies when it comes to paying your accommodation fees, so why would it be difficult to work for a higher GPA? Of course, laziness is the only viable answer here. Do not fall into the downgrading habit of being lazy in school else you will have a lot to complain about having low GPAs. Stand up, do your assignments, learn from and teach others what you know. Participate actively in class and watch your GPA improve. Remember, the sum total of all your GPAs over the years you spend in school give rise to your C.G.P.A which you will graduate in. Do not be lazy.
  6. Lack Of Planning.

    By now, every discerning mind should realize that adequate is top on the list of this every student should do to have a sound stay in school. With the numerous activities (both education related and non education related ones) going on on our campuses, one may oneself jostling, from one activity to another without ascertaining which one is helpful to one's academics and which one isn't. The result of this is that such student don't stop to imagine the impact such activities would have on their future. A better future tomorrow depends on a better planning you make today. Lack of planning can be dangerous especially when you are submerged in a pool of different activities.

  7. Lack of Time management.

    Planning is knowing what to do and how to them but if you don't allot appropriate time to the things you do, you may be found wanting in things you are supposed to be doing at a time. Always plan ahead. Know the things you want to achieve for each day or session and allot the needed time to each of them.

In conclusion, even though one may argue that there are other qualities amounting to students complaining of low GPAs in their academics, but dealing with the aforementioned ones could help the students in reviving such unwanted low grades and take advantages of all opportunities they have for the purpose of improving their GPA.
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