Sunday, 30 July 2017

Importance Of Education To Any Nigerian.

Education is power. So it is often say. But how do we tap into this power? That's a question that has remain vaguely answered.

school is beautiful
Education is beautiful
Importance of education to any Nigerian gives us insights on how best to see education and not consider it a stressful event.

Growing up in the country, Nigeria, you have to go to school, it is every Nigerian's right but to most it's a privilege considering the fact that some academicians have come up sometimes to affirm that, "Education is only for the rich." That notwithstanding, tap into the system while the provision is there for you. For those that are not yet in school, I hope that you get in soon.

Education is the basis of every child's training. Mostly formal education, it prepares a child wonderfully for the inevitable interaction the child will have with the world today and in later days as one progresses in the ladder of life. So, education should be taken seriously. No one knows where fate will lead one tomorrow, having the right foundation in school would help one to be courageous and confident in dealing with others.

Education has a lot in stock to offer. It prepares one to be qualified for job employments, it helps one to interact with others, those in the same age brackets or not, it helps one to understand people and be understood too in terms of interpersonal communication. Without education, there would be little or no understanding in our world today, hence crises would loom. But for the help of education, millions of people from diverse orientations are harmonized through the use of learnt languages and standardized ones, such as English language, French and Portuguese.

Moreover, one may claim that in some countries as Nigeria, jobs are not readily gotten after school hence the need to discard education or in their own words, "overhaul the system" but it is an erroneous assumption. To me, there might not be job vacancies is the disciplines you are schooled in readily waiting for you after graduation but there are some levels of values you must have discovered through the school system that can help you to survive on the long run even in some fields you are not schooled in. One of those values is the courage to act where necessary, another is the urge to earn one thing or the other be it monetary or material value by serving, (after all it is in school that most of us learn to say, "Yes, Sir." , "I'm sorry Sir," "Ok sir.) others include developing the problem solving abilities and instincts, there is nothing for you if you can't solve any problem with what you have learnt, the ease to communicate your way through the crowds among so many things. I do not see education as a liability but a huge asset that can amount to success.

Also, other aspects of an average Nigerian's live where education finds applicable uses are listed below.
  1. Politics.

    Understanding of how one is being ruled comes with education.
  2. Health.

    It is good to seek knowledge that looks into health. Being educated helps a Nigerian to understand certain medical terminologies and also know how to read prescriptions.
  3. Human Rights.

    Civil education helps one to understand ones fundamental rights. I bet that without education one may remain ignorant to the exercise of one's rights and entitlements. Let us seek education so that we will be knowledgeable in things that concern us.
I hope you like this and it is helpful to you.
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